Years of the XO Challenge

In the Chinese Zodiac, 2021 is the Year of the Ox.  The Ox symbolizes patriotism, hard work, and positivity.  What better virtues to carry into a race series that will celebrate a new year of fitness, fun, and camaraderie.  

The Year of the Ox series comprises five events, described below, that will be completed virtually. 

The series will be March 1- May 31 this year.  The sweat is real; the only virtual part will be the competition, which will occur over social media.   The more people the better, so please share this far and wide. 

Open to everyone (including Spanish friends, but be sure to follow base access requirements). 

Registration consists of sending an email that includes your WhatsApp conduct number to or by signing up at the base gym.  

The five events are described below.   The base of operations/transition zone will be the base indoor pool, building 45.   All events will use the indoor pool and the same bike and run courses.  The events must be completed in the sequence shown.

  • Sprint Triathlon 750 meter swim 20 km bike 5 km run Olympic
  • Triathlon* 1500 meter swim 40 km bike 10 km run
  • Sprint Duathlon 5 km run 20 km bike 2.5 km run
  • Sprint Aquathlon 750 meter swim 5 km run
  • Sprint Aquabike 750 meter swim 20 km bike

      *Olympic distance will do two laps of the sprint distance bike and run legs.