Hiking "El Caminito del Rey"

MWR Outdoor Recreation is offering a Hiking in "El Caminito del Rey". Don't miss this unique opportunity to hike in one of the most famous paths in Spain!

The path El Caminito del Rey is hanging in the air and it is built on the walls of the gorge - Desfiladero de los Gaitanes. This way, attached to the gorge, is three kilometers long and less than one meter wide with long sections. It starts in the Twon of Ardales, goes through Antequera, and ends in El Chorro (in Alora). It is suspended on the vertical wall of the gorge, hundred meters above the river. The path was built because the Hydroelectric Company El Chorro, owner of Salto del Gaitanejo (Gaitanejo Precipice) and Salto del Chorro (El Chorro Precipice), needed an access way between the two precipicies in order to make it easier for the maintenance workers to approach the zone, transport materials and watch the places. It is known as El Caminito del Rey Path (The Kings' Little Pathway) because it was first opened by King Alfonso XII. This path, about 3 kilometers long, has just been refurbished, and it goes along vertical walls and footbridge over the gorge on the same waterway.

Full length of the path is 7.7 km. The part of the access ways is 4.8 km long and the stretch between the entrance and exit gates of the boardwalks is 2.9 km long. El Caminito del Rey is part of a spectacular natural beauty spot. This already makes it breathtaking and attractive, although the path is more than just a walk in the hills. The boardwalks and a hanging footbridge that stands at 105 metres height, as well as steep walls, make many visitors feel inevitably dizzy. The path is hazardous because of the heights and its very narrow parts. It was refurbished so it could be used for active tourism in natural surroundings. Therefore it is risky and requires certain level of physical effort and skillfulness, which is accepted by tourists who come to follow the route. Visitors are not risking their lives at all, but they must be aware of the strong impression this place might make on them. This is why this path is so attractive.

You have to bring appropriate clothing and shoes (It is forbidden to brings sandals, high heel shoes or flip flops). It is also recommended to bring water and snacks. It is not permitted to bring big backpacks, selfie sticks or walking poles. The walking area is very limited and we can not block the path.

Trip includes transportation, entrance to the "King's Path", guided visit and complementary snacks.

Come and join us for this exclusive adventure you will always remember!

Location Fees Ages
Ardales, Málaga $50 / Person Ages 18+