Foodie Tour: Jamón Ibérico

Travel with ITT to the natural park Sierra de Aracena in Huelva for the unique opportunity to see and experience how this world famous Andalucian delicacy is produced.  Here we will visit the jamon factory Eiriz in the town of Corteconcepcion.   The excellent quality of Iberian jamon is the result of a strict and  pain staking  process, starting in the fields where specially bred pigs are reared, feeding on locally grown acorns, through an age-old curing technique and finishing with the expert slicing and serving of the final product.   During our  visit, you will be able to sample the enticing aroma, palate-pleasing texture, and intense flavor that will have you craving Jamon Iberico for the rest of your life.  After the educational portion of the tour, we will take you to one of the top restaurants in the town of Aracena, Meson Asador La Angarilla to have a three-course meal.

The trip includes transportation, jamon factory guided tour with jamon tasting,  lunch and wine.



Location Fees Ages
Sierra de Aracena, Huelva $90 / Person Adults Only