Food Service Worker, NA-7408-01

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Food and Beverage
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Flex, No Benefits
$9.22 -
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Local Commuting Area with SOFA Status
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U.S. citizens in the commuting area who are authorized sponsors or command-sponsored dependents of civilian and military personnel.


This position is located within the Food & Beverage Division of the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Department, US Naval Station Rota, Spain. The purpose of this position is to perform a variety of manual tasks that are easily learned. This position describes a mixed job and should only be used where the paramount work cannot be determined or a combination of different duties is being performed.


In the serving area: Set up glasses, silverware, butter, condiments, salads, desserts, bread, and cold beverages on serving counter as instructed. Removes dishes from tables and carries to dishwashing area.  In the food preparation area: Cuts, scrapes, chops, dices, and peels fruits and vegetables. May operate electric can opener, electric potato peeler, etc. In dishwashing area: Separates food waste and trash. Pre-rinses dishes with water to remove food particles before washing. Loads dishes in dishwasher, stacks and stores dishes.

Performs other duties as assigned.

NOTE: This employment requires constant standing and walking. Frequently requiring lifting or moving objects weighing up to 20 pounds, and occasionally lifting up to 45 pounds. The work area usually noisy and there is danger of slipping on floors where food and beverages have been dropped or which are wet from daily mopping that is usually performed while the workers are in the area. Worker are exposed to extreme temperatures of the hot kitchen and the walk-in refrigerator and minor cuts and bruises. Steam and heat often cause uncomfortably high temperatures.


No training or previous work experience is required. Understanding of basic food handling techniques. Must be able to follow oral instructions and perform routine manual tasks involving a few steps. Must have and understanding of personal hygiene standards and simple food handling techniques such as wearing a hairnet, washing hands before cleaning food, and not touching rims of cups. Ability to read and understand written instructions and material such as schedules, menus, recipes. Must have the ability to work safely by moving carts without hitting things, stacking dishes without mishaps, and wiping up spilled foods and liquids to prevent falls. Knowledge of basic arithmetic may be necessary.


  • This position requires successful completion of: physical examination, Local Background Investigation and NACI Background.
  • Selected applicant will not lose any entitlement for future spouse preference eligibility (NAF/GS positions).
  • The incumbent will be required to work nights, weekends, holidays and split shifts.
  • Selected is subject to direct deposit of pay.
  • Persons who are US Citizens and persons who are US Citizens and also citizens of Spain are not employable in a US Position.
  • NATO SOFA and Agreement on Defense Cooperation (ADC) between Spain and the United States are applicable when determining eligibility.


Applicants must submit the Employment Application form or resume and applicable required documentation (see below) to FR Personnel Office or by email to

Please ensure that your application contains all the information requested in this vacancy announcement and the Employment Application form. If your application does not provide all the information requested, you may lose consideration for the position.


  • Employment Application form or Resume.
  • Family Member Status form (if submitting a resume).
  • Declaration for Federal Employment (OF306).
  • Overseas Residency Questionnaire.
  • Additional documents:
    • Current or former NAF/APF Employees: copy of most recent  PAR/SF50
    • Military Retired: Copy of DD214
    • Proof of Education (official transcripts) if it’s required for the position.

For further information, call the Personnel Office at DSN# 727-1723 or #727-1375 (commercial phone #956-82-1723 or #956-82-1375) or email to