About NAVSTA Rota

Welcome to Naval Station Rota, Spain - As the Gateway to the Mediterranean NAVSTA Rota plays a crucial role in supporting our nation’s objectives and defense, providing unmatched logistical support and strategic presence to all of our military services and allies.

NAVSTA Rota supports Naval Forces Europe-Africa, 6th Fleet and COCOM strategic priorities by providing airfield and port facilities, security, force protection, logistical support, administrative support and emergency services to all U.S. and NATO forces.

Situated on a 6,100-acre Spanish Navy base, NAVSTA Rota provides cargo, fuel and logistics support to units transiting the region, supporting U.S. and NATO ships with three active piers; U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force aircraft with a 670-acre airfield; and the largest weapons and fuels facilities in Europe, all located within a single, secure fence-line. Under the guidance of the Agreement on Defense Cooperation (ADC), the U.S. and Spanish navies work together and share many facilities.

The Kingdom of Spain is a very important ally to the United States for projecting military power into the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Middle East. We have significant shared security interests, and Spain has traditionally supported U.S. forces deployments and operations with U.S. forces departing Spain directly into international air and sea space.

The vision of NAVSTA Rota is to continue to excel as an enduring, strategically-located naval installation, providing operational and logistical support to all tenant commands and transiting warfighters.

For more information, visit CNIC Naval Station Rota, Spain.


Morale Welfare & Recreation (MWR)

Morale Welfare & Recreation at NAVSTA Rota offers dynamic recreational activities and services in the southern tip of Spain.  

Our mission is to provide the Fleet, Fighter and Family with world-class program excellence that will enhance both mission readiness and well-being aboard Naval Station Rota, Spain. Pro-actively aligning our organization, strategies and processes in support of the Mission. To be recognized as the MWR Department within the entire enterprise that provides the highest quality of support to our customers.

Our professional workforce is committed to continual improvement, understanding our customer's needs, and the requirements of the organization. We will deliver services that meet the mission and vision, operating in the most effective and efficient way that will make your duty at NAVSTA Rota Naval Base fun and exciting.