Aquatics Center Indoor Pool

Aquatics Center  open for summer hours 6a.m.-1p.m. Mon-Fri

Aquatics Center 

Indoor Pool Summer Schedule:

Aquatics Center Indoor pool summer hours

Open Mon-Fri 0600-1300

Closed US Holidays

Eligibility- U.S. active-duty service members, dependents, DoD civilians and U.S. retirees.
Eligible Spanish military, dependents  and base civilians who meet eligibility criteria.
100 % ID check.


Learn-to-Swim lessons at Aquatics Center indoor pool.

Parent & Child swim class are Wed-Fri from 1000-1030. Kids ages 8 months – 3yrs.

3rd session July 3rd-12th

4th session July 17th-26th

5th session July 31st-Aug 9th

The parent & child swim class introduces infants and toddlers into the joys of an aquatics environment

for the first time under the care of their parents. These lessons are designed to introduce infants and

toddlers to the water and focus on exploring body positions, blowing bubbles, and fundamental safety

and aquatic skills. Parents or caregivers must accompany the child into the water and participate in the



Aquatics Center features include:

  • Heated L-shaped indoor 25-meter pool, 12 ft. deep-end and seven swim lanes with five racing platforms.
  • Our core workout station with a pull-up bar, stationary bikes, row machine, sit-up mats, TRX, and SPRI bands.
  • Reservations are required for, Command PT/PRT, Specialized Unit Training, Navy 2nd Class Swim Test and groups of five patrons or more are required to e-mail or call Aquatics Staff to reserve any area of the facility.
  • Six levels of (American Red Cross Learn to Swim) lessons are offered to children and adults throughout the year. See posted class dates and times.
  • Outside patio area is available for PRT's, PT and group exercise sessions. 





- Annual Navy Youth Swim Test required every year. Youth, 17 and below, who have demonstrated the necessary skills will have FULL access to the Aquatic facility, including slides, diving boards, swimmer’s zone/deep end, and other recreational amenities, as determined Naval Station Rota MWR Aquatics program.  

- Per Navy instruction, any child under the age of 3 is required to wear a swim diaper, regardless of being potty-trained.


Navy MWR Fitness Drowning Prevention Campaign Through SPLASH, Navy MWR Fitness strives to educate parents and legal guardians on pool safety and the dangers associated with unsupervised swimming.

Stay within arm’s reach.

Protect your non-swimmers.

Learn to swim.

Assess swim skills.

Swim safely.

Hang it up.

Keep your child safe at the Aquatics facility.



In accordance with CNICINST 1710.3, the following is the inclement weather pool policy:

The Aquatic Coordinator, Swimming Pool Manager or Facility Supervisor may close the aquatic facilities for short periods of time without notice. Areas will be cleared of all persons during thunderstorms, electrical storms, and inclement weather. At the first sound of thunder or sight of lightning, the area will be cleared and remain cleared until deemed safe (approximately 30 minutes after the last rumble or sighting). One long blast on the whistle by the lifeguard is the emergency signal indicating all persons in the water shall clear the swimming area immediately.


MWR supports the Rota Tiburones as the community youth swim team.