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NAVSTA Rota’s full-time Child Development Center (CDC) is a beautiful, state of the art facility that is a great place for children. Styled after the Andalucían Cortijo (a Spanish ranch house), the CDC incorporates the latest features in child development center design to provide safety and security for the children in a pleasant setting. The center is NAEYC accredited. Each room is specifically designed to accommodate the appropriate age group. A large variety of quality equipment, materials, and supplies are provided to support the classroom program. Large playgrounds offer a variety of experiences including a cycle track and village, shaded picnic pavilions, open grass areas and even a huge gothic castle. The CDC also offers Hourly Care to its patrons. The CDC, located in building #1963, is next door to the MWR Administrative Office in Building #1.

The center follows a developmental curriculum, which provides a wide variety of age-appropriate activities designed to promote the social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth of each individual child. The concept behind the curriculum is that young children learn best by doing. The planned activities, the organization of the environment, the selected toys and materials, the daily schedules and the staff interaction with the children are all planned to accomplish the goals of the CDC curriculum.

Quality staff is one of the most important ingredients of an outstanding child development program. The CDC staff is very experienced, very well trained, and is committed to providing quality care for the children enrolled in the CDC program.

Fees for CDC are on a sliding scale based on total family income. In order to determine fees please come see us. Hourly care is available and you can go online to Europe CYMS to make reservations or payments.

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