School Liaison Officer (SLO)

School Liaison Officer –

The School Liaison Officer is the primary point of contact between the military installation, the local schools, and school districts, transitioning families and the community at large.

Areas of Support

  1. Communication Connections
  2. PCSing Support
  3. Deployment Support
  4. Special Needs Support
  5. Home-school Support
  6. Volunteer Coordination P.I.E.
  7. Post-Secondary Preparations

Youth Sponsorship

The CYP Youth Sponsorship Program is designed to provide transition support to military children via introduction, program insight, club involvement, and community awareness. Inbound students are able to connect and become familiar with the base’s youth program offerings, make connections with local student Youth Sponsorship Representatives, and to gain insight into the programs they will be involved in once they arrive at the base. 

DoDEA Schools

  • Rota DGF
    David Glasgow Farragut Elementary School, pre-k-5th grade
  • Rota MHS
    David Glasgow Farragut Middle / High School, 6th-12th grade

Spanish Schools

You may decide to attend Spanish schools. You must have a rental agreement or assigned base housing before you can apply. Registration is in May every year. The SLO hosts a workshop with the Education Delegates in Puerto and Rota every March to walk you through the process. Any time after May, school options are space available and there is an alternative registration process. Every August the Education Delegates and I host a workshop on how to register and what to expect in the Spanish School system. Appointments can be made with the SLO anytime to walk you through the registration and inform you about this education option.

Free and Reduced Meal Program

The Free and Reduced Meal Program starts with the School Liaison Officer! To qualify for free or reduced-price meals for your child, you must complete the 1700/48 July 2019 application and return it to the SLO. The application can be downloaded HERE (see the list on right) or hard copies picked up at DGF Elementary or Middle High School and at our CDC and School Age Care Program.  To find out more information and how to know if you qualify, contact the SLO at DSN 727-2425 or comm: 956-82-2425.

Monthly Newsletter

Below is a link to our SLO Newsletter. It has great educational links and resources for Pre-K through college age learners. Also, there is even a link for parents on how to talk to children about Covid-19.…/pages/show…/5e709ea06638240917baf408