Fall PGA Junior Golf Leagues

Sept 8th – Oct 2nd, 2018


There will be 2 PGA Junior League options coached by our PGA Professional, Richard Knapp. You will need to select which league your child will be attending when signing up. Please look at the League practice/playing schedule to see which suits your schedule the best.


Option 1:

PGA Junior Program 36 - Playing League.  Monday’s  and Tuesdays (Sept. 10th thru Oct 2nd) On Monday’s we will have PGA instruction and practice from 3:00-pm- 4:00 pm. On Tuesdays players will play 9 Holes from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm.  2 Hours maximum. All players will start at 50 yards from every green.  When they score 36 strokes or fewer then they will move back another 50 yards from the green. Eventually moving back 50 yards every time they score 36 strokes or lower. Players will be learning to play golf from the Green back towards the Tee Box. Skill levels will range from intermediate to experience. The kids will be expected to play golf on the course without direct adult supervision. The kids should have played golf a few times on the golf course before participating in this league. Please see page 2 for schedule of practices and 9 Hole rounds

Ages 7-16,    $65 per Junior includes:   4 PGA Instruction/Practices, 4 - 9 Hole Round


Option 2:

PGA Junior FUNdamentals Skills Development League (Sept.8th-29th) on Saturdays from 10:00 am -10:45 am. This program is designed to keep juniors involved in the game of golf while developing their golf skills. This is a great opportunity for juniors not quite ready for the PGA Junior Program 36 Playing League and for those kids under the age of 7. Please see page 2 for schedule of PGA instruction /practices.             

Ages 5-14        $30 per Junior includes: 4 Golf Clinics


Call 956 82 2260 for more info