Raquetball tournament

Other: Sign up by email, FREE. Ages: 18+

The deadline to register is February 28th at 00.00.

Roster & Coach Meeting: March 2nd at 18.00

The Racquetball Tournament will start on March 4th at Fitness Center. It is a free individual tournament. It will take place at racquetball's courts (at the fitness center).

The coach meeting will be on March 2nd at 16.00 to confirm the schedules (we will send them by email too).

Players can sign up at the fitness center or by email at Marina.SanchezOrd.SP@eu.navy.mil

Awards for Champion and Runner up.

+info at Fitness Center or email Rota_sports@eu.navy.mil


Survey link is below https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SportsRota


This event is part of our "SIGNATURE SERIES" and will allow you to compete for prizes at the end of the year. Accumulate points by participating in events, group exercise classes, and individual challenges.   Please stop by our front desk to sign in to get your points and for further details.

Accumulate points by participating in Fitness Events for prizes at the end of this year.  Way to earn points:

  • Participate in any 6 of the fitness events marked as *Signature Series* (check calendar).
  • Participate in 20 Group Exercise Classes throughout the year.
    • Runs: 25 points apiece.
    • Lifting Competitions (at least 2): 25 points.
    • Every 20 GX classes: 25 points.
    • Participate in Sports: 25 points.
    • Individual Challenges: 10 points apiece.
      • ROW    100,000m 
      • BIKE     3610 miles (Coast to coast USA)
      • RUN     660 miles   (Southern Spain to North
      • SWIM  24000 meters (English Channel)
      • PUSH-UPS   7500
      • SQUATS 10,000
      • PLANK  360 min/year          

For more details please email rota_fitnesscounter@eu.navy.mil