Captain's Cup Indoor Soccer League

Other: Sign up by email, FREE. Ages: 18+

The deadline to register is January 10th at 1200.

Roster & Coach Meeting: January 14th at 1700


The Captain's Cup Basketball League will start on January 21st at Fitness Center. It is for free. The by-laws regulation and the schedule will be shown at the coach meeting on January 14th at 1600.

It will be developed for 8-12 weeks (it depends on the number of participants), on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1800 to 2100.

The deadline to accept the team's roster will be on January 7th at 12.00. Commands and/or free agents can ask for signing up and send the team's roster filled back at

Awards to champion and runner up.

+info at Fitness Center or email

Survey link is below