Are you or your child interested in learning the fundamentals of singing like breathing, posture, and diction? These basic principles are key to strong vocal performances.

Our voice teacher guides beginner, intermediate, and advanced singers through the various stages of vocal progression, assisting with pitch training, developing timbre and keeping steady tempo. Students will receive weekly private singing lessons and will prepare for two recitals per year.

Lessons are sold in a punch card system 4/30 minutes private lessons.

To register for classes stop by the Liberty desk in the Community Recreation Building #48

Voice lessons are offered on Tuesdays 15:00-19:00.

Instructor Fees Ages

$18 per lesson (30 minute private lesson)

Punch card $72 (4/30 minutes private lessons)

8 years old to adult

(Younger students may be accepted with an audition and discussion with parents). All experience levels are welcome.