Employment Process

How to Apply
Applications must be submitted to the F&FR Personnel Office.

To submit the application form online, it’s necessary to fill out the Employment Application form (The PDF link to download the form is located on the right sidebar.)

Applications must attach the following documentation AND any additional supporting documentation needed for the position (as driver’s license, education certificate, transcripts, Red Cross Certifications, etc.) by the cutoff date:

  1. F&FR Employment Application
  2. Overseas Residency Questionnaire
  3. Declaration for Federal Employment (OF306)
  4. Copy of PAR/SAF-50 showing the current or previous job title and grade
  5. Sponsor’s PCS orders – Navy orders MUST include a copy of member’s Page 13 or Page 2 showing command sponsorship of applicant. Marine, Air Force, Army, and Civilian orders must also list the applicant as an authorized dependent
  6. ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY MEMBERS: Special authorization from the command (NAVPERS 1336/3)

Note: When applying for more than one position with FFR, a separate application form and documentation package must be submitted for EACH position. All the applications must include the job title, grade, and announcement number. Failure to provide complete information may cause to be determined ineligible. Applications will be valid for consideration for six (6) months from the date of receipt. If applicants still wish to be considered after this time, they would notify the F&FR Personnel Office.

Equal Employment Opportunity
Go to https://www.navymwr.org/resources/EEO/ for a list of documents pertaining to EEO.